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  • Schuylkill Amateur Repeater Association
    East-Central Pennsylvania
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    ****...Don't forget about our Nets (Tuesday and Thursday 8 PM Eastern 145.370)...****  

    .:  Club History  :.
    SARA History

    Schuylkill Amateur Repeater Association was organized on March 5, 1975 by a group of 25 gentlemen. Below is a complete listing of the original charter members. To the best of our knowledge we have updated their status and home QTH. If you have an update on the founding members, please contact Gary Fleischut KA3FUL directly.

    Schuylkill Amateur Repeater Association Charter Member History

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    K3BVS Louis Grossman Pottsville, PA  
    K3GN Eugene Walacavage Minersville, PA  
    K3KGO Lamoin W. Fagan Schuylkill Haven, PA Deceased
    29 JUN 1995
    K3KNJ Stanley J. Ugolick Tamaqua, PA Deceased
    01 AUG 1986
    K3KNR Albert W. Karosas Shenandoah, PA Deceased
    20 APR 2004
    K3KVK Francis T. Hillibush Ringtown, PA  
    K3LEF Samuel J. Schutawie Shenandoah, PA Deceased
    08 JUL 1995
    K3NB David G. Evans Frackville, PA Deceased
    29 SEP 2008
    K3SLJ John A. Smetona Pottsville, PA Deceased
    13 FEB 2007
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    W3DGX Theodore R. Gibson Pine Grove, PA Deceased
    (?) 00 MAY 1979 (?)
    W3EEK Carl H. Zimmerman Tamaqua, PA  
    W3JLQ Clair A. Fessler Pottsville, PA Deceased
    24 JAN 2008
    W3LDV Joseph J. Blihar Tamaqua, PA Deceased
    (?) 00 NOV 1981 (?)
    W3SJN John J. Curran Pottsville, PA Deceased
    00 XXX 1987
    W3WIP Walter J. Gervel Shenandoah, PA Deceased
    07 MAY 2009
    SARA Coax Bar Separator
    WA3CFC Frank Hatkevich Bethlehem, PA Deceased
    00 FEB 1987
    WA3LKV Louis P. Daniels Lansford, PA Deceased
    00 XXX 2004
    WA3LMP Charles V. Major Tamaqua, PA Deceased
    (?) 04 MAR 2006 (?)
    WA3LOK Robert Abrams Boca Raton, FL  
    WA3TDK Robert L. Folweiler Pottsville, PA Deceased
    (?) 25 AUG 1982 (?)
    WA3VII Richard C. Reidler Gordon, PA  
    WA3ZSB Andrew J. Pavelko Philadelphia, PA Deceased
    03 OCT 2009
    SARA Coax Bar Separator
    WB3INT John J. Casino Pottstown, PA Deceased
    (?) 00 AUG 1997 (?)
    SARA Coax Bar Separator
    NO CALL Reuben Rupp Pine Grove, PA Deceased
    (?) 14 SEP 1989 (?)
    NO CALL Arthur Johnson Tamaqua, PA  
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