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    ****...Don't forget about our Nets (Tuesday and Thursday 8 PM Eastern 145.370)...****  

    .:  SKYWARN Spotter Program  :.

    Club Link  The effects of severe weather are felt every year by many Americans. To obtain critical weather information, NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, established SKYWARN® with partner organizations. SKYWARN® is a volunteer program with nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters. These volunteers help keep their local communities safe by providing timely and accurate reports of severe weather to the National Weather Service more...

    SARA sponsors the Schuylkill County Emergency SKYWARN Spotter Program. Its two fold mission is:

      (1)  to report severe weather, meeting the specified criteria of the SKYWARN training program, to the National Weather Service and

      (2)  to report such findings, including damage, to the Schuylkill County Emergency Management Center.

    In order to be a qualified volunteer for this program you must have the minimum FCC amateur radio license class for 2-meter operation, and you must attend and complete a SKYWARN spotter program. In the event that the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado Warning for Schuylkill County or if severe weather is observed, and will imminently occur in the county, a SKYWARN net may be activated on our 145.37 repeater.

    If you are interested - please contact John Hoke KA3AJB.

    Club Link National SKYWARN Homepage
    Club Link National Weather Service
    Club Link NWS - Interactive Weather
    Club Link SKYWARN - Central PA
    Club Link NWSFO - Southeast PA
    Club Link SKYWARN - Northeast PA
    Club Link NWSFO - Central PA
    Club Link NWSFO - Northeast PA
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